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Don't be afraid to talk to me, because I have cookies. Taking requests for fanfiction, scenarios, photofics, gifics of groups B1A4, Big Bang, Infinite, Shinee and Beast.
Anonymous asked : What happened to sangtaelicious and her tumblr....I am having difficulties reading the scenarios on your page, because I don't know where they are exactly located when on the tumblr app.

I fixed them, I think they’re back on now :) 

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forget me: My thoughts on...



Whether you think their relationships were true or not, is not the point here. It’s that we could clearly see that they’re going through a rough time.

In my opinion, it’s unfortunate that Jonghyun had to receive the initial wave of displeasure from fans. He was the first…

Reblogging it again because of… idk Onew, and whoever else is dating. Remember this gaiz? :) 

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"Sometimes I wonder why I ever left my K-pop world. Boys in real life just hurt you every time."
"The beginning instrumental of Infinite’s “Man in Love” sounds like that Rick Rolled song."
a friend XD
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Shinee Dream Girl me2day compile

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An old update, but it’s the first time I saw it sooo… XD

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The standard peace sign Lee Minho

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Anonymous asked : luhan is aries tho js

Eh, nine or so of you messaged me saying Luhan is Aries/Taurus. So since I had Aries already, I put him as Taurus. Something about him being a cusp baby. 

caption : 다시 추워졌어요~ 감기조심하세요~
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caption : 다시 추워졌어요~ 감기조심하세요~

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